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KIS Projects

History of Conservation Tillage
(project status: ongoing)
The KIS Project started working with Richard Gray, Bernie Sonntag and Wayne Lindwall in June 2008 on a project proposal that would compile a history of conservation tillage technology.

KIS Graduate Student Research
(project status: ongoing)
Knowledge Impact in Society currently has one graduate student working on a Master's Level research project. Yvonne Hansen is looking at the evolution of the local food movement.

Agriculture Co-ops Book
(project status: completed)
In January 2008, the KIS Project was awarded ACAAFS funding for a book on agricultural co-operatives that have either experienced failures or conversions to investor-owned firms. KIS Principal Investigator, Murray Fulton, is working with Brent Hueth...

Forage Industry Assessment
(project status: ongoing)
The Saskatchewan Forage Council has asked KIS to be on its organizing committee for its ACAAFS funded forage industry assessment project.

BioProducts Workshop
(project status: completed)
In March 2007, KIS worked with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to organize a one-day workshop to develop plausible scenarios for the development of the Canadian bioeconomy between now and 2025...

National Grains Strategy
(project status: completed)
In August 2006, Agrivision invited the Department of Agricultural Economics (Richard Gray, Murray Fulton, Hartley Furtan and Kathy Lang who are all part of KIS) to sit on a Technical Advisory Group...


KIS Publications

Featured Publications: Click the text links or pdf icons below to read a few of our featured publications.


"The Need For Direction: The Canadian Grains Sector at a Crossroads" (2006)
by Hartley Furtan


"The Canadian Wheat Board in an Open Market: The Impact of Removing Single-Desk Selling Powers" (2006)
by Murray Fulton


"Are Biofuels Sustainable?" Prairie Soils and Crops, Issue 1, pp. 32-38
by Lynette Keyowski and Murray Fulton


Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) Literature
A list of literature for those interested in learning more about the discussion and debate surrounding the CWB.


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